The story behind "KLINE RECOVERY"


Sheriff Kenneth C. Jenne aided and abetted Pompano based towing / repo company "KLINE RECOVERY" to steal guns, money, (drugs?) and other property from lawfully and unlawfully towed and repo'd vehicles.

"KLINE RECOVERY" was administratively dissolved by the State of Florida in 1998, but continued to operate, giving a false address.

Until I called, the City of Pompano Beach had listed the leased "KLINE RECOVERY" property as a vacant field, and because Davin Cline listed a false address, the Broward County Property Appraiser was about to foreclose on the adjacent business property.

A Pompano Beach BSO Deputy refused to take a Police Report in 2004, after a local businessman reported boxes of guns being loaded into the trunk of a car on the property leased by Davin Cline, a.k.a. "KLINE RECOVERY."

"KLINE RECOVERY" carried no insurance or licensed name with Florida's Division of Corporations. 

To stop this gang of thugs, I personally purchased the CORPORATE and FICTITIOUS names from the Florida Division of Corporations.  I personally paid corporate fees each year to the State of Florida, because Ken Jenne used Powertrack and other excuses to protect his false crime statistics, at the expense of putting citizens and businesses in danger by not reporting crimes. 


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This is how Sheriff Ken Jenne protects businesses and families in Broward County Florida.